IUEC Local 7 and Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Host Baltimore-Area Trap Shoot

Recently, members of IUEC Local 7 (Baltimore) in association with the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance hosted a Trap Shoot Competition at the Carney Rod and Gun Club in Maryland.

Walt Ingram, CEO and Executive Director, describes the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance as “a union-based organization that works on conservation with union members”. Since 2007, they’ve set up fishing, hunting, archery, and other outdoor activities for union members and their families across the country. They also host benefit dinners to raise money for conservation projects built by volunteer members of the union building trades; these include building public-use fishing piers and boardwalks, archery ranges, bird boxes, and more. All of their projects focus on preserving wildlife habitats, providing access to land and water, ensuring public access for outdoor recreational spaces, and improving infrastructure to make these spaces available to all who enjoy shooting, hunting, fishing, and similar activities.


Sportsmen alliance union & IUEC leadership

Pictured (L-R): Kinsey M. Robinson, Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Chairman of the Board and International President Emeritus of United Union of Roofers, Larry McGann, IUEC General Secretary-Treasurer, Frank Christensen, IUEC General President

For approximately ten years, IUEC General President Frank Christensen and General Secretary-Treasurer Larry McGann have sat on the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Board of Directors, providing oversight and direction. President Christensen is proud of the work IUEC elevator constructors and other members of the union building trades have done to support their work in the community. He says, “I think it’s so important that union members are running these projects on their own, volunteering – not only us, but the carpenters, the electricians, they’re all helping out – they’re rebuilding the decks, rebuilding the cabins, bridges, whatever is needed. And after the work is complete, they put a plaque up that says ‘built by union members’.”

President Christensen said being able to give kids from urban areas the opportunity to experience outdoor activities like hunting and fishing is a big part of why this organization is so important to him. “For me, being a city kid – some would say an inner-city kid – to see the kids who never had the chance to go fishing with their first rod and reel, their first fishing pole – it’d make you smile for a day, hey, it might make you smile for a week or year…most kids from the city never get that opportunity which sometimes we take for granted.”

For General Secretary-Treasurer Larry McGann, the highlight of his involvement with the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance is about giving union members the chance to participate in events like the Trap Shoot together with their families. “It’s about family values – not just for the member, but for their spouses, their kids – there are a lot of events they can do together. I came up hunting and fishing, I know how valuable it is to have events the whole family can participate in,” he said.

Local 7 Business Representative Jason Danker and his father, Local 7 past President Hank Danker

Pictured (L-R): IUEC Local 7 Business Representative Jason Danker and his father, Local 7 past President Hank Danker

Jimmy Demmel, Assistant National Director of the Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund (EIWPF) and Local 10 member, joined this year’s Trap Shoot with his son Jack, a fourth-year apprentice in the trade. “I got involved because I hunt and fish with my whole family – my son, my wife, my other son, my daughter – we come up here for the camaraderie, the fun – plus, you’re giving back. We also did a Union Sportsmen’s Alliance project several years ago, building a fishing pier under the new Wilson Bridge with Local 10 and the rest of the building trades. The outdoors is a part of life – being involved with other like-minded tradesmen, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve got a 23-year-old son who’ll come hang out with me for the afternoon if we go shootin’.”

While Union Sportsmen’s Alliance events all have a focus on conserving spaces where people hunt and fish, another goal is to bring together union leadership, union members, their families, and the community. “We engage high school kids, apprentices from union locals, and almost invariably, union leadership shows up – folks who haven’t worked with tools in years all of a sudden will put a tool belt on again, because they’re doing something good in the community and there’s a lot of pride in their craft. And that will show them there is an opportunity for a career – you don’t need to go to college, you can actually get paid to learn as an apprentice, and make a good wage, have great benefits, and 4-5 years later come out as a journeyperson.”

Pictured (L-R): EIWPF National Coordinator / Local 21 Member Ryan Donnell and IUEC Local 21 Business Representative Zack Cutburth

Ingram told us that according to the AFL-CIO, 74% of all active and retired union members shoot, hunt, fish, or recreate in the outdoors, making events like this a natural fit for the IUEC. “Having the ability to connect members who enjoy that – it’s important…this event here today brings all those folks together, having fun, enjoying themselves – they’re building relationships they’ll take back home and use in their work. It might be a Business Manager from DC and a Business Manager from Houston who meet for the first time, and they’ll find that there’s common interest or challenges in their work. Now they have someone who they can pick up the phone and call.”

In addition to being a good time, events like the Trap Shoot have been an important way for union members and leadership from across the country to get to know each other (with some friendly competition, of course). “Events like this one today are good for a whole lot of reasons,” Walt Ingram says. “Union members and leaders meet a lot, but usually over things that are not a lot of fun to deal with – here today, they’re having fun… people are here from all over the country, maybe they haven’t seen some of their brothers or sisters since last year’s shoot. It’s kind of like a reunion – a renewing of fellowship, or making new friends. There are some folks here who have never shot before, and today they’re shooting a shotgun for the first time – so you get to introduce people to the shooting sports.”

In addition to setting up events like the trap shoot in Maryland, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance organizes a pheasant hunt and plans family camping trips. Through their popular Take Kids Fishing days, they have introduced about 27,000 kids to fishing in the last five years. Ingram says, “these take kids fishing events that are sponsored by the union local – families come, people in the community at large come, it gives them an opportunity to learn about fishing, about conservation, and also about unions. So our take kids fishing events are really powerful, because it impacts the family of the member, and the people who aren’t members at all… if you can get more people involved in fishing and the outdoors, this world’s a better place.”

“We had one of those in Chicago and there was a great turnout,” said President Christensen. “I heard from several guys there – they just couldn’t get the smiles off those kids’ faces. They were just blown away. It’s something you don’t even think about.”

This year, three IUEC Locals received awards from the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance for leading the membership in participation and support. They were:

  • #1 IUEC Local 10 (331 members)
  • #2 IUEC Local 2 (315 members)
  • #3 IUEC Local 18 (281 members)

Trophy winners of this year’s 2023 IUEC Baltimore-Area Trap Shoot included:

2023 IUEC Baltimore-Area Trap Shoot
Team Name Individual Name Scores Team Score Winners
IUEC Local 7 Team B Dave 40 HOA TEAM
Dylan Zepp 42 HOA Youth
Tom 41
Wayne 45
Tim 44 212
Iron Workers Local 5 Luke 35 A 1st Place
Darryl 46
Robbie 39
Dave Dulin 48 HOA Individual
Matt 35 203
IUEC Local 7 Team J Lewis 41 A 2nd Place
Mike 42
Greg Yohn 47 HOA Senior
Kyle 27
Matt 34 191
IUEC Local 7 Team E Paul 36 A 3rd Place
Gary 47
Rick 40
Jesse 32
Ghost 32 187
C. Winters/Eberts/IUEC 25 Dan 42 B 1st Place
Craig 37
Tyler 33
Dane 33
Ghost 32 177
Roofers International Kinsey 26 B 2nd Place
Mona Robinson 29 HOA Lady
Chuck 34
Chen 46
Bill 40 175
IUEC Local 7 Team I Shawn 38 B 3rd Place
Bobby 34
Tony 34
Matt 33
Ghost 32 171
IUEC Local 7 Team C Allen 29 C 1st Place
Bernie 34
Robbie 40
JD 19
Jeffrey 26 148
Buch Construction Scott 40 C 2nd Place
Dan 25
Randall 26
Ryan 27
Joe 29 147
IUEC International Frank 34 C 3rd Place
Larry 20
David 15
Zack 28
Ryan 45 142
Jason Danker 41 HOA Veteran


HOA Team

HOA Team, IUEC Local 7 Team B

Iron Workers Local 5

1st Place Division A, Iron Workers Local 5

IUEC Local 7 Team J

2nd Place Division A, IUEC Local 7 Team J

IUEC Local 7 Team E

3rd Place Division A, IUEC Local 7 Team E

Winters/Eberts/IUEC 7 K

1st Place Division B, C. Winters/Eberts/IUEC 25

Roofers International

2nd Place Division B, Roofers International

IUEC Local 7 Team I

3rd Place Division B, IUEC Local 7 Team I

IUEC Local 7 Team C

1st Place Division C, IUEC Local 7 Team C

Buch Construction team

2nd Place Division C, Buch Construction

IUEC International

3rd Place Division C, IUEC International


Because the IUEC is a Charter Union Affiliate of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, IUEC members can join at no cost. When they do, they get a monthly magazine with articles about union members’ involvement in outdoor activities and projects, calendars, info on organized hunting trips, and discounts on fishing equipment and guns. President Christensen hopes to have more IUEC members join soon, saying “we’re going to start getting a push out there and telling them how important it is – not just for hunting and fishing, but for the kids, for the parks – this is the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to show how much the unions are involved and helping out.”

If you are an IUEC member or member of another Charter Union Affiliate who wants to activate your no-cost membership in the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, visit https://www.myusamembership.com/union

A list of upcoming Union Sportsmen’s Alliance events is below:

Sept. TBD Marietta Take Kids Fishing Day Marietta, OH
Sept. 9 Kansas City Take Kids Fishing Day Kansas City, MO
Sept. 10 IAFF Chicago Fish with a 1st Responder Chicago, IL
Sept. 10 Roofers Twin Cities Get Youth Outdoors Day Clear Lake, MN
Sept. 17 Boilermakers Kansas City Get Youth Outdoors Day Lenexa, KS
Sept. 23 Spring Hill Campin’ in the Park Spring Hill, TN
Sept. 30 Ryan Helms Memorial Pheasant Reading, PA
Oct. 7 Chicago Family Outdoors Day Chicago, IL
Oct. 14 Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge Pavilion Project Dedication Laurel, MD
Oct. 14 Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge Community Bird Box Build Laurel, MD
Oct. 21 Montgomery Bell Family Campout Burns, TN
Dec. San Antonio BCTC Take Kids Fishing Day San Antonio, TX
TBD SMART Take Kids Fishing Day TBD, MD
TBD Montana Take Kids Fishing Day Helena, MT

*Event names, dates and locations are subject to change
Aug. 26 New England Sporting Clays Shoot North Kingstown, RI
Sept. 9 Roofers Twin Cities Sporting Clays Shoot Clear Lake, MN
Sept.16 Boilermakers Kansas City Sporting Clays Shoot Lenexa, KS
Sept. 23 SMART/Cigna Colorado Sporting Clays Shoot Brighton, CO
Sept. 30 IBEW Southern California Sporting Clays Shoot South El Monte, CA
Oct. 3 OPCMIA Maryland Sporting Clays Shoot Glenn Dale, MD
Oct. 21 BAC N. Kentucky Sporting Clays Shoot Owenton, KY

Airport Metrorail Station Miami

In recent weeks, there has been some exciting elevator industry news in Miami-Dade County – conveyance units at Miami International Airport (MIA), one of the busiest airports in the world, are set to undergo some substantial upgrades. After a competitive bidding process with a number of vertical transportation companies in the region, the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners approved a contract with Schindler Elevator, an affiliated company of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC).

Airport Metrorail Station Miami January 2020 - 02

A recent article from Airports International Magazine describes how the multi-year contract will involve the repair, maintenance, and upgrade of vertical transportation equipment over the next several years. Schindler’s recent press release reports that the company will maintain all of the elevators, escalators, and moving walks at Miami International Airport and across Miami-Dade Transit’s Metromover system.

“Much of the equipment at Miami International Airport is outdated – so Schindler employees will be going in and ripping out those old units and replacing them with new, state-of-the-art equipment,” said Richard Romeo, one of the foremen in charge of day-to-day operations at the airport. “The work our members, the brothers and sisters of IUEC Local 71, are doing is going to make the airport more efficient, and I’m so proud to help lead a project of this magnitude.”

Romeo, an elevator industry veteran of more than two decades, went on to explain how the new contract – which will ensure elevator constructors are on-site at the airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –will benefit the airport, airport vendors, airport employees, and passengers traveling through the airport each day.

“The new contract is a 24/7 contract – this means a more efficient response time and better service for MIA and MIA passengers. A 24/7 contract ensures service and maintenance crews are on-site every day and at every hour,” added Romeo. “Other airports operate like this, and it is very efficient. We will have three shifts now – a morning, an afternoon, and a night shift. No matter the day – holidays or whatever it may be – there will be a crew at the airport ready to jump in and help should a need arise. People have places they need to go, and airports need to run efficiently. A 24/7 contract creates a pathway to better, timelier service. If a repair needs to happen overnight, for example, a 24/7 contract allows the work to happen at a time when there’s tremendously less foot traffic. It’s a better, more practical time to get certain work accomplished.”

Miami-Dade County selected Schindler Elevator from a number of other bids for the contract. The contract awarded to Schindler Elevator includes significant improvements to MIA’s elevators, escalators, and moving walkways – and Schindler employees, including Romeo, are ready to get to work on this impressive conveyance overhaul.

Miami International Airport enjoyed record numbers in 2022, as it handled nearly 51 million passengers. These tens of millions of passengers will certainly benefit from this vertical transportation endeavor, as Schindler Elevator already has proven relationships with major airports, universities, stadiums, and other noteworthy facilities across the country and around the world.

In a recent interview, Miami-Dade County Mayor Danielle Levine Cava referred to the modernization project at MIA as a “game-changer that will future-proof the conveyance units at Miami International Airport for decades to come.” Upgrading the elevators, escalators, and moving walkways at MIA is a large-scale project that will require significant knowledge, skill, and expertise – and by choosing an IUEC-signatory contractor (Schindler), it ensures this job will be completed in accordance with the industry’s highest standards.

In the Airports International Magazine article referenced above, MIA Director and CEO Ralph Cutie talks about transitioning MIA, an airport that is rapidly growing, to becoming more future-ready – and that the goal behind this effort is to match this growth with customer service excellence at all touchpoints.

Airports are such a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure, and investing in our airports is especially important in today’s fast-paced global community.

“Working at the airport is incredibly exciting and rewarding. It’s the same – but it’s also quite different – every day. There are always new challenges to take on,” said Romeo. “And with employees ranging from 38 years in the industry to just five years of elevator experience, we have quite the team. Everyone brings something critical to the table, so there’s no shortage of credible professionals to turn to when someone is looking for knowledge and help. No one person knows everything, but together we can tackle any job.”

For more information about the importance of escalator & elevator upgrading, and what it involves, be sure to check out our article on elevator modernization.