Boston Elevator Constructors Provide Lifts for Local Veterans

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Union elevator constructors in Boston have been quite busy in 2022 – just a few months into the new year, and the Boston union’s officers and members have already installed elevators at the homes of two veterans at no cost to the veterans.

The International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) calls the program Lift for a Vet. It originated in, and is still run out of, IUEC Local 5 in Philadelphia. The program – one that has helped hundreds of veterans nationwide to date – is a nonprofit with a mission to purchase and install elevators, home lifts, stair lifts, and wheelchair lifts in the residences of disabled veterans.

Along with their normal work routines, IUEC members donate their time, as well as their skills and deep knowledge of the trade, to help ensure veterans can live as independently as possible while having access to the vertical transportation systems best suited to their needs.

“Helping the brave men and women who served our country – that’s the goal. It’s all about giving back,” said IUEC Local 4 Business Manager and second-generation elevator constructor Tim Morgan. “At the end of the day, giving back to the selfless people who dedicated their life to service is the greatest reward. Seeing the smiles on the veterans’ faces – I can assure you that it means more than any paycheck.”

Single-digit temperatures did not stop the hardworking team – including members of Boston-based IUEC Local 4 along with members of other trades – from stepping up to get the job done.

For one veteran, getting the job done meant installing a chair lift to help him more easily enter his residence.

“Our members have the utmost respect for veterans. Lift for a Vet is a program designed to help our nation’s heroes – they sacrificed so much for us, and any limitations they may face, it’s our responsibility to help them overcome any chance we get,” said Morgan.

The IUEC and its local unions collaborate to raise money for Lift for a Vet. As disabled veterans needing home lifts come forward or are otherwise identified, IUEC Local 5 uses the program’s funds to purchase lifts. Then, union elevator constructors in the veteran’s locality perform the installations of said lifts at no cost to the veteran.

“We want to empower disabled veterans any way we can – if installing a lift helps a veteran gain easier access to his or her home, then we’ve done our job. We’re so grateful for every donation to Lift for a Vet. The more funds they receive, the more veterans we can service – and there’s never a financial burden that falls on the veterans or their families. It’s truly a great program,” added Morgan. “The veterans we help are always incredibly grateful – and our union is proud to serve the men and women who served our nation.”