Highlighting of the QEI Program

Qualified Elevator Inspector Training Fund

The Qualified Elevator Inspector Training Fund’s (QEITF) QEI Program is widely considered the best in the industry.


The goal of the QEI Program is to make each student’s certification process an invaluable learning experience. QEITF’s skilled instructors arm students with the necessary tools to succeed – ensuring that, upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to return home with the ability to effectively perform inspections.


Along with empowering students to successfully complete the certification course, the QEI Program instructors also provide ongoing support for any code-related questions and guidance related to individuals’ continuing education needs.


If you are interested in becoming certified as a Qualified Elevator Inspector, we urge you to check out this video highlighting the exceptional value of the QEITF QEI Program.


The program is competitively priced – offering a total package for considerably less than what other organizations charge simply for the certification class. Interested in learning more? Visit www.qeitf.org or call 1-888-511-3113.