Elevator Constructors of IUEC Local 4 in Boston share Philosophy on Safety in Elevator Industry

IUEC Local 4 members work on elevators, escalators, and other conveyance equipment in eastern Massachusetts, the majority of New Hampshire, and all of Maine. Recently, ElevatorInfo.org visited Local 4’s headquarters in Dorchester, Massachusetts to talk with their President Doug Cullington, members of the Executive Board, Business Managers and Representatives, and new apprentices in the trade. We covered a lot of topics during our conversations, but paramount on everyone’s list of priorities was safety.

Staying focused, working safe, wearing the correct personal protective equipment – these are just some of the things that Local 4 Elevator Constructors remind themselves of daily. “To work safe is to think. Think before every move. Every step of every project must be talked about,” emphasizes Doug Cullington, President of IUEC Local 4.

“Safety is always our number one priority,” says Mary Kate Kelly, one of Local 4’s apprentice Elevator Constructors. In the video, she shares insights about the everyday hazards she encounters on the job and how she and her mechanic work to avoid them, including what they do to ensure they’re working safe around members of other trades on the jobsite. Knowing how to be proactive around potential dangers and getting everyone home to their families at the end of each day is everyone’s shared goal.

IUEC Local 4 was organized in February of 1899, and currently has almost 1,200 members.