NEIEP Provides Education And Training To A Successful Career

Recently, we visited the National Elevator Industry Educational Program’s (NEIEP) fair in Arlington, Texas alongside the members of IUEC Local 21. While at the event, we got a nice overview from NEIEP’s Head of Development, Lester White.

NEIEP has established a national educational program that is uniform across the country, so the apprentices all receive the same coursework regardless of which state they are enrolled in the curriculum. The apprentice program is set up as a four-year program with eight semesters.  Each semester focuses on different disciplines and has a respective final exam and then a comprehensive mechanics exam that the students must pass in order to become a mechanic.

Lester shared with us how he advises his students on how this program provides a pathway of choices for them to have careers in the elevator industry. From working in construction, being an adjuster (is that all just two things? NEIEP helps them reach their goals.

Lester shared with us the importance of this training, as it opens up pathways to have a career in the elevator industry. NEIEP not only covers all the basics that an apprentice needs to know, but also offers continuing education courses for those that want to go even further with their training and knowledge. “We have code courses, we talk about different safety issues and factors, how to keep you and your crew safe”, added Lester.

NEIEP also offers continuing education to the workers already working in the trade like code courses and safety topics. “If you want to be successful in this field, and I would say life, you have to continue to learn” says Lester.