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What started out as one woman’s goal to make the world a better place for children in need has become a nationwide movement. The Toy Box Connection (TBC) Children’s Charity Founder & Director Michelle Maxia’s big heart and passion for helping those experiencing hardship has inspired volunteers and donors from across the country to dive in, creating a vast network of supporters who have made a real difference.

TBC envisions a world where children facing challenging situations are connected to whatever they need – whether it be toys and books for the holidays or a special event, or mattresses and clothing for those affected by a fire, tornado, or other disaster. They help kids in hospitals, shelters, and foster homes, as well as those with parents stationed overseas.

Under the leadership of General President Frank Christensen, the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) has played an important role in their work. Members have donated not only their resources but their time, driving truckloads of toys, food, and other items to children in the Chicago area and beyond.

Michelle is especially thankful for the connections the IUEC has provided to volunteers and donors from across the building trades. She describes these relationships as “like a tire – in the middle is the hub. That’s the IUEC. And there are many spokes…these are the Building Trades Unions who have said ‘yes, absolutely, what does she need, we’re there.’”

Because of this, she characterizes the IUEC as being the organization’s greatest support system. As she highlights the many instances in which the IUEC answered TBC’s call for help, it’s clear that the nonprofit’s relationship with the union has been deeply impactful. When calling on others to step up to do their part, Michelle adds, “No act is too small.” Everything matters. Every act of service. Every donation.

If you would like to learn more about the Toy Box Connection Children’s Charity and the work they do, visit www.toyboxconnection.com.