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The men and women who work on elevators every day understand the risks associated with the pit ladder. Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund National Coordinator Scott Russell recognized the hazards associated with pit ladders and had an idea to improve safety– an idea that could make a real, industry-wide difference.

Russell brought his idea to industry leaders and experts, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Working together with other elevator industry experts, the team came up with multiple ways to automatically shut off the elevator if someone is on the pit ladder. Better yet, this wasn’t another process. It wouldn’t add stress on any worker. The solution included simple, straightforward components such as adding pressure sensors to ladder rungs. The new solution is automated – a smarter pit ladder that could ultimately save lives and make the elevator industry a safer place.

Working in the elevator industry is tough. Improving safety for the riding public and elevator mechanics should always be a top priority. In that regard, Russell’s invention is a cost-effective measure that is easy to implement and will make an immediate impact in improving safety. Take a moment to check out Russell’s vision coming to life in the following video.