Why Is Periodic Elevator Maintenance Important

elevator maintenance

As a building owner, scheduling periodic elevator maintenance checks on your properties is crucial to ensuring a safe ride for your passengers. Simple, routine maintenance checks performed by professional elevator mechanics can prolong elevator life and reduce energy waste, providing a smoother, safer travel experience while saving you time and money.

Routine elevator maintenance will keep your equipment clean, minimizing the chance of fire hazards while alerting building owners to any components that need to be replaced or refurbished. Ultimately, these checks ensure safety for you and your passengers.

Preventative Elevator Maintenance

Elevator breakdowns can lead to unanticipated downtime, serious injury, or worse – a catastrophic event. Preventative maintenance aims to mitigate issues with machinery through regular upkeep.

The mechanics responsible for checking the elevators will look for any critical signs of wear and tear, faults, or other problems that could impede an elevator’s proper function. They will identify damaged or worn-out parts, lubricate machinery and make adjustments or tunings to the equipment.

Preventative elevator maintenance, if done correctly, improves elevator services by ensuring your equipment runs better and lasts longer – with fewer calls to elevator repair companies to fix issues that could have been prevented.

Prolonged Elevator Life

The life expectancy of an elevator installation depends mainly on its type and intended use. Generally speaking, if an elevator is more than 20 years old, it can be considered an appropriate candidate for elevator modernization. Elevators typically end their cost-effective lives somewhere after 20 to 25 years.

Several variables are involved regarding the life expectancy of an elevator install. At the top of the list are environmental factors, service type, and changes in technology. The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) recommends mandatory maintenance checks to increase your elevators’ lifespans. Elevators without regular checks may need to be modernized within their first decade of use. For building owners, this means that instead of modernizing elevator(s) based on investment, they will have to do so out of necessity.

Increased Cost Efficiency

Maintenance checks can also help optimize the energy consumption of your building’s elevator equipment. There is a range of cost-effective solutions you can choose from to optimize aging elevator equipment, ensuring energy efficiency and significantly reducing your building’s energy costs.

Probably the best time-saving, efficient method to improve the overall reduction of elevator energy costs (up to 70%) is installing regenerative drives. These can be added to existing systems, allowing the elevator’s generated energy to be fed back into the building’s power grid and used by other loads connected to the same network. Other ways to improve energy efficiency include replacing tube lights inside the elevator car with LEDs and adding modern, energy-efficient door operator systems and other equipment.

Ultimately, routine elevator maintenance checks by qualified, capable elevator mechanics can dramatically reduce your building’s electricity bills.

Improved Elevator Travel Times

Over time, elevator travel times can seem longer, which can slowly begin to inconvenience your tenants, employees, or customers. Routine elevator inspection and maintenance checks can improve travel speed and acceleration, allowing passengers to enjoy more comfortable and faster elevator travel.

An Elevator Inspection Will Save Time and Money

You can significantly extend your elevators’ lifespans by following scheduled maintenance checks. Failing to keep elevators adequately maintained and serviced will ultimately incur downtime and elevator repair costs.

Sticking to a schedule of regular elevator maintenance checks by qualified elevator mechanics can help you avoid costly losses, saving you time and money.

A Safer Ride for Your Passengers

You must keep your building’s elevators in excellent operating condition to ensure a safe ride for your tenants, employees, or customers. Safety is the primary reason for performing routine elevator maintenance for your properties – this should be a top priority for every building owner.

All elevator installation and maintenance checks must be done only by qualified elevator mechanics. Unqualified workers may cut corners during the job and fail to do a complete and thorough inspection.

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