Elevator Mechanics Hold Out Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Elevator technician in elevator shaft

The Well News article highlights elevator mechanics’ role as part of the essential workforce during the coronavirus pandemic.

The reporter indicates that “of all the classes of workers who have come to be highlighted as ‘essential’ during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one group that is often, unfairly overlooked are those who keep the infrastructure of high-rise offices and residential buildings functioning – elevator mechanics.”

Several IUEC members were interviewed as part of the piece – including Juwan Harrison, a reservist in the U.S. Army. Here’s some of what he had to say about his career choice:

“(The union) is a great option for anyone in the military who doesn’t quite know what they want to do once they’re through with their service,” Harrison said. “Even if it’s way different from your military job, they work with you to get you the specialized training you need. It definitely opens up a lot of doors for you and the benefits compared to non-union jobs are unmatched.”