Quality Elevator Goes ‘Above and Beyond’ for its Customers and Employees

Quality Elevator is a proud signatory company. Jim Snider (VP, Quality Elevator) recently sat down with ElevatorInfo to talk about his company’s journey and what makes his workforce one of the best in the industry.

Jim came from the field and understands what it takes to become a talented elevator technician. During the interview, Jim underscores the importance of “going above and beyond” – explaining that a robust investment in worker training is one of the smartest investments a company can make for workers and clients alike.

He went on to explain how the union provides the skilled, safe, talented workforce that makes Quality Elevator the trusted, successful company it is today. Each of Quality Elevator’s workers has successfully gone through the National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP), and Jim explains that this background is part of what allows Quality Elevator to do a project and come out the other side without doing a change order.

Finishing a job at the same price at which the company came in is a great source of pride for Jim, and he articulates that this simply wouldn’t be possible without strategic investments in worker training. That said, Jim believes in NEIEP’s mission, as he’s witnessed firsthand how improving the knowledge and skills of elevator technicians not only benefits individual workers – but also benefits employers and the entire industry.

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