Safety Stand Down Day 2022

elevator mechanics

Every year on April 28th the Elevator Industry recognized the Safety Stand Down Day. Deliberately coinciding with Workers Memorial Day in the United States and the National Day of Mourning in Canada, across the Elevator Industry this day is dedicated to education and raising awareness on safety.

Safety advocates in the elevator industry have always been trying to bring safety to the forefront of our industry. Recognizing this, employers from across the industry held safety meetings, toolbox talks, and sent out safety messages to promote a safer workplace for all workers.


This year Safety Stand Down Day held an additional meaning for many, as for the first time, the elevator industry’s working contract (negotiated every 5 years between IUEC and employers throughout the country) included a safety article – a collaborative effort that was added to further protect workers from potential injuries and fatalities.


Visit the IUEC Safety Page to access links for Life After Loss Videos, OSHA’s National Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction, and other useful tools as the industry Stands Down for Safety.


To listen to an important safety message from International Union of Elevator Constructors General President Frank Christensen, please call 1-888-618-0613 (toll free in the U.S. and Canada).